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Journal of the Classical Chinese Furniture Society_Winter 1990
Classical Chinese Furniture Society

8.5 x 11 text in English, Renaissance, 1990.

A quarterly academic journal published by the Museum of Classical Chinese Furniture 1990-1994.

  • Beurdeley, Michel. "Li Yu: A Chinese Decorator of the Ming and Manchu Periods".
  • Ecke, Gustav. "Development of the Folding Chair: Remarks on the Development of the Form of the Euro-Asian Chair".
  • Evarts, Curtis. "Integrity and Joinery in Chinese Furniture."
  • Grindley, Nicholas. "The Bended Back Chair".
  • Handler, Sarah. "George Kates: A Romance with Chinese Life and Chinese Furniture".
  • Handler, Sarah. "The Incense Stand and the Scholar's Mystical State".
  • Handler, Sarah. "The Revolution in Chinese Furniture: Moving from Mat to Chair".

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