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A Treasury of Ming and Qing Dynasty Palace Furniture from The Palace Museum Collection. This two-volume set is an important publication in the study of furniture from the Palace Museum (Forbidden City) in Beijing. ... MORE>>.

liangyi collectionLiangyi Collection. Six years have passed since A Leisurely Pursuit: Splendid Hardwood Antiquities from the Liang Yi Collection was published in the year 2000. Since that time, ongoing acquisition has added to the depth and variety to this prestigious Hong Kong collection... MORE>>.

Classical Chinese Furniture: A Very Personal Point of View. This volume is a unique publication that sheds light on one of the most fascinating areas of Chinese art. The main section describes in detail 52 masterpieces... MORE>>
chinese furnitureChinese Furniture: A Guide to Collecting Antiques. A survey of collectibles - from the very best hardwood pieces featured to standard softwood specimens still available on the Asian market. This book presents an overview of carving styles, woods, regional variations, restoration MORE>>.

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